Primitive roast duck changed to modern roast duck

The earliest means of human roasting was the roasting directly over open flames or flames coming from the burning of charcoal millions of years ago.Later with the emergence of stone,pottery,bronze and ironic utensils,human's cooking means became plentiful.The primitive roasting method have not died away;however,as a cooking method of mostly in dependent on utensils and producing unique results,it has come down.When the diet habit of human changed from just stuffing stomach to satisfy their hunger to enjoy the taste of delicious food,the unique taste of roast food become very important and irreplaceable.

Compared with primitive roast duck,modern one is mainly roasted with heat of an oven,So from directly over open flames to with a special roasting oven,it has experienced an innovation of epoch-making significance in the duck roasting history.

Closed roasted duck to hooked roasted duck

Modern Beijing roast duck was roasted in a closed oven before.The first Beijing time-honored closed roast duck restaurant was established in 1416(the 14th year of Yong Le of Ming dynasty).Hooked roasted duck was invented in the 1950s or so.From that time,roast duck has been divided into two types--"closed"and"hooked".

There is a door on the oven of close roasted duck.Workers heat an oven with straws as fuels.When temperature has risen to a certian degree,he extinguishes fire and puts ducks in.During this period,the door is never opened until roasting completes.Ducks are put into or out from the oven only once and are roasted fully with heat of oven wall.The oven of hooked roasted duck has not any door.Workers heat the oven with flames coming from burning of fruit-tree wood ,then hook ducks up into the oven and roast ducks with heat of both flames coming from burning of charcoal and the oven wall.During the roasting,workers should use a pole regularly to switch locations of ducks in order that ducks are heated evenly.

Because of soft flames and high air humidity,the consumption of fat is low and the rosted duck chest is fluffy just like steamed bread.In addition,it may smell a little flavor of ashes. However,due to lower humidity and strong flames,hooked roasted duck is heated evenly and subcutaneous fat reduce greatly.So it results in stronger taste with crisp skin and tender meat and without any flavor of ashes.

The emergency of hooked roasted duck is another great innovation of epoch-making significance on the basis of closed one.Practice has proved that itis very successful and widely acknowledged. Today most of the roast ducks we enjoy are hooked roasted ducks.


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