The technology of Beijing roast duck had basically achieved to a mature and stable stage as it came into the hooked roasting age.During the past one hundred yesrs,it experienced many adjustments of details about technologies,but without any important innovations.Are there any space and possibility for innovation of hooked roasted duck?

Due to a series of important social reforms in the 1980s,China came into tha period when material living standard rose at high speed.Many habits of taste and standards of selecting diet also overturned.And the classic temptation of traditional roast duck,"greasy but not fatty"and"burnt exterior and tender interior",had been threaten.Mr.Liu Enlai,now as the general manager of Jianguomen branch of King Duck restaurant,realized the change of people's taste needs and set about to develop a new type of roast duck,who worked in a famous traditional restaurant at that time.

Although fat is also depleted during roasting of traditional hooked roasted duck ,skin of roast duck is not crisp enough and water of duck skin is not depleted enough.After several minutes, duck skin becomes softer and has many unsightly corrugationa.Texture of roast duck is also worse.In addition,there remains a thick layer of fat between skin and meat.

Mr.Liu Enlai employed a"systematic project"on these problems.He cautiously yet boldly developed what is useful and discarded what is not about the traditional technology of roast duck,and especially he extended his developing work to the breeding and feeding of Beijing duck. Finally,new King Duck roast duck was born in the 1980s.And as the brand of"King Duck",it was introduced into commercial scale in tha late of 1990s.

Skin of new King Duck roast duck is inflated and crisp,full of fragrance and its shape is unchangeable for several days;meat tastes tender,smooth and is full of gravy and odor;especially without softwhite and oily fat between skin and duck,it not only meets the need of modern people who do not prefer fat and oil,but also makes the contrast of crisp and tender tastes sharper.As a rresult of improvement of traditional slicing to"slope-slicing",it is convenient for eating and has better texture.Displayed on a plate,roast duck is intact and perfectly round,which appoaches the state of "delious food and aesthetic utensil".

The brith of Beijing roast duck is another important innovation of epoch-making significance on the basis of the classic hooked roasting with a century history and is an achievement of close cooperation and innovative efforts of Mr.Liu Enlai who specialized in the roast duck technology,while Beijing Jinxing duck industry center is for the strain-selecting and raising of Beijing duck.Mr.Liu Enlai has a sound grip that good taste comes from good raw material.Through testing force-fed ducks raised in tens of duck farms early or later,he finally identified that only Beijing force-fed duck,raised by Beijing Jinxing duck industry center,has achieved the high quality. Having a reputation of "the cradle of Beijing duck",Beijing Jinxing duck industry center,has the only state grade Beijing duck breeding center,Beijing duck breeding experts granted with governmental benefits,the largest feeding base of Beijing duck in China and hundreds of technicians with exquisite force-feeding sill. Shuttling among breeding farm,feeding farm and roast duck restaurant together with leaders,experts and technicians of the center,Mr.Liu Enlai had bred unparalleled Beijing force-fed duck through repeatedly contrasting,selection and improvement of feeding technology and feed formula.Without any fishy or mutton smell,the quality of Beijing duck can completely meet requirements of new King Duck roast duck with"Sanyuan jinxing" brand.It has outstanding quality of original strain of Beijing duck and is forcedly fed by exquisite skilled technicians with unique feeding technology and feed formula.Moreover,it has a well-sharped body,tender yet juicy meat, rich nutrients and a safety yet reliable preperty.All ducks in King Duck roast duck restaurant not only are"Sanyuan Jinxing"ducks but also are rare yet highest quality ones,which has been too far ahead to be overtaken by any other roast duck restaurants till now.

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